Leather Processing


1.Raw Material Warehouse


 Strictly chosen suppliers and use clean input materials, such as clean water, chemicals and etc, can produce our leather for satisfying our customer's requirements, government's standards and our missions & goals.​  Everything is arranged and preserved according to ISO standards . 

2. Rough processing

Wetblue is trimmed and classified according to Satra standards.

3.  Tanning

 The base tannage, waterproofing, color and other features are created here according to our customers’ specifications. The process is conducted according to the recipe and strict management of experts to maintain quality and consistency. Waste water after completing the process will be processed and reused.

4. Drying

After retanning, all leather is dried through an array of energy-saving options such as hot-plate, hang drying and vacuum drying.

5.  Leather Finishing

Leather finishing includes many processes that give the final characteristics to leather.

6. Quality Inspection

Our products are tested and rated according to Satra standards. This step ensures that only qualified products reach the hands of our